Toys For Your Dogs at Burns Feed Store

Dog Toys

With fall approaching and kids going back to school, our pets are going to lose their play companions and become lonelier than they were in the summer!

There are many different types of toys that are available to help them get through the days without the kiddos and help them transition back into their fall routine again.

Not only can toys help distract and entertain our pets, they are also a great benefit.  Playing with toys is the most opportunity for our pets to increase their physical and mental skills.  Studies have shown that an active pets that have their own toys to play with have less behavioral issues (including barking, jumping up, whining, anxiety, pulling/chewing on leashes, not coming when called and not following instructions).  It is also important that we give them different types of toys to play with, not the same toy over and over because like kids, they will get bored and lose interest.

Come pick up a toy or two for your pets and help them during this time of transition.  Increase their chances of developing their physical and mental skills, and maybe help them lose a few pounds while they are at it!

Here are some of the toy brands we carry in stock:

  • Bionic
  • Booda
  • Chuckit!
  • Jigglerz
  • Jolly Pets
  • Jolly Tuff
  • JW
  • Kong
  • Lil Pals
  • Mighty Dog Toys
  • Outward Hound
  • Skineeez
  • Sportdog
  • Spot