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Pet Hydration Awareness Month

Article from Best Vet Care

By Paul Wegman

We come across many health-related articles on the internet every day. So much information can be overwhelming and confusing at first, but repeating important health facts helps the message stick in our minds. The information eventually sinks in and allows us to make better decisions that sustain our survival. However, when it comes to our pets, we tend to become a bit lazy.

Despite how much we learn about pet health, it does not always receive the same level of attention as human health. This is why we are here to spread the word. 

The fact is both pets and people benefit a lot when a proper water intake is maintained. If not, both can suffer from dehydration, which can lead to serious and immediate health risks. While humans somehow can escape the danger of dehydration, it is quite difficult for pets.

Pets’ bodies contain a higher amount of water than humans. Hence, keeping them hydrated is one of the most important aspects we cannot risk overlooking. This might surprise you that for every pound of their body weight, they need at least 1 ounce of water. Unfortunately, the majority of them do not, especially in the hot water.

This is why, to put the best foot forward on this National Pet Hydration Awareness Month, BestVetCare wants you to understand important points related to pet hydration in detail:

Tips to Keeping Your Pet Hydrated 

  1. Have fresh water at different places in the home. Provide several bowls in the places where your pet spends the most time. A fountain that keeps freshwater flowing is also preferred.
  2. To encourage more drinking, put broth or ice cubes in their water bowls.
  3. To maximize daily water consumption, add water to their meals.

Watch Out for These Dehydration Symptoms

  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy and low energy levels
  • Panting
  • Sunken, dry-looking eyes
  • Dry nose
  • Dry, sticky gums
  • Thick saliva

Promoting Pet Hydration Within Your Practice

If you are still wondering why pet hydration is a bigger deal now, then check out the fact – “Water makes up to 80 percent of a pet’s body, compared to 55 to 60% in humans.” Moreover, it can be challenging to understand your pet’s needs. That is why we have made some pointers to follow:

  1. Always have fresh supply of water. Some people avoid changing their pet’s water. If floaters in your cup bother you, how can your pet be ok with it? Although pets aren’t as picky as humans, a clean supply of water will do more benefits than you can ever think.
  2. Make sure the water bowl is clean. It’s just as important to have a clean bowl as it is to have fresh water. To prevent bacteria development, wash water bowls regularly.
  3. Keep the momentum going. Do you have a pet that enjoys drinking from the tap? Pet fountains are designed keeping in mind their requirements. So if you are using a water fountain, remember to replace the filter and clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Consider adding wet food or supplementing with fresh raw fruits or vegetables to increase their water intake.

To repeat what we have been emphasizing on, Pet hydration is important and should be taken seriously. Not to forget, you are responsible for the overall well-being of your animal. Moreover, it is always good to keep your pet’s well-being and comfort first. Cater to your pet’s needs and ensure that they are comfortable with their surroundings.

In the end, we and you together can ensure your pet to be well, happy and healthy!


Northwest Naturals Raw Dog Food

Northwest Naturals Raw Dog Food

Ever considered feeding your dog raw food?  Going back in time to before dogs were domesticated, they ate raw meat (as some ancestors of dogs such as wolves, still do today).  Feeding a strictly raw diet, or using raw as a topper on kibble can be extremely beneficial for dogs.

Raw food provides three essential benefits that cooked pet food cannot compete with:

Enzymes: Enzymes are a catalyst for all processes in the body such as cell growth and breaking down nutrients during digestion. Most food enzymes are essentially destroyed under the conditions used to cook and process food, leaving foods devoid of enzyme activity. Enzymes are denatured when heat is applied.

Amino Acids: Amino acids form the proteins that in turn form muscle tissue and increase fat metabolism. There are two types of amino acids; essential amino acids and nonessential amino acids. Dogs and cats cannot make essential amino acids and so must obtain them from raw foods.

Intracellular Moisture: Intracellular moisture, also called cytosol, is the liquid found inside cells. Intracellular moisture is the most effective way for your pet’s digestive system to break down and process their food. Without the moisture from prey animal cells, the digestive system has to work extra hard to complete the digestive process. When cooked, plant and animal cells lose this natural moisture.

Burns Feed Store carries Northwest Naturals who offers many varieties of nutritious diets including:

  • Lamb
  • Beef & Bison
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Chicken & Salmon
  • Turkey
  • Whitefish & Salmon

Burns carries a 6 pound reseal able, easy-carry bag which holds individually quick frozen nuggets which weigh approximately .20 oz each, 80 to the pound (approximately 480 nuggets per bag). The formulas are ground, formed and then quick frozen at -30° for 10 minutes.  Open the bag and pour the proper feeding amount into your dog’s bowl. The small nuggets will thaw quickly and are small enough for the tiniest dogs or puppies. The pourable feature means that you never handle the raw product and you place the portion you do not use back into the freezer.

Another tip is once you purchase the bag and get home, take a few minutes and separate the appropriate amount of nuggets into small zip lock bags and place into the freezer.  Then the evening or morning before each meal, simply pull those bags out of the freezer and place them into the refrigerator. At next meal time, empty the pre-counted nuggets into the dogs bowl, already thawed, no counting or waiting needed.

Come on in and ask any questions you may have about feeding raw and Northwest Naturals, or visit their website at

Pet Food Frequent Buyer Cards


Did you know Burns Feed Store carries many different brands of pet foods?
Many of those have frequent buyer cards that award owners who buy multiple bags, a free one after so many. Our Astro Loyalty program keeps tracks of your purchases here at the store.

With so many options of pet food, we like to make things a little easier for pet owners to decide and we definitely understand how expense your critters can get. That is why we love to help ease the choices by taking care of helping you choose the right food for your pet and rewarding you and your pet for shopping here at Burns Feed Store.

Some of the brands we carry that offer a free bag offer include:

Taste of The Wild, Nutrisource, Petcurean, Merrick, Northwest Naturals, Canidae, Solid Gold and more.

This program is good for dog and cat food, including World’s Best cat litter.

If you have been buying these brands or others and have not been asked about a frequent buyer card, stop in and we can get you started.