Introducing Mason Bees To Your Orchard/Backyard

Now is the time to introduce Mason Bees to your orchard/backyard.


Mason Bees are indigenous to North America and are great pollinators.  They do their pollinating in much cooler weather than Honey Bees and therefore are able to start much earlier in the year.  Adult Mason Bees are only active for a few months in the spring, so now is the time to get your Mason Bee cocoons and put them in close proximity to your Mason Bee block house.


Come see us today at Burns Feed Store because we have all of the supplies you need to start your Mason Bee population, or replace your block house liners.


We stock:            Mason Bee cocoons

Block Houses

Mating Boxes

Replacement Liners

Liner Pushers


Everything You Need For Your Puppy at Burns Feed Store

March 23rd is National Puppy Day. Here at Burns Feed Store we have everything you need for those puppy needs.

We have a good variety of puppy foods to choose from. Brands like Blue Buffalo, Diamond, Nutrisource and Taste of the Wild. We also have dog bowls to put that food and water in.

Looking to crate train your puppy?  We have several different sizes to choose from and we also carry exercise pens if you’re looking to keep them in a certain area. We also have a large selection of dog collars, leashes and harnesses. We have a great selection of sizes, designs and colors!

Puppies will have puppy accidents and we have products that can help. We carry Nature’s Miracle, Wee Bee Gone and Wee Wee pads. Come check out our selection!

Puppy treats and toys, we have those too. We have a good selection of Kong puppy toys to choose from, Tropiclean for that puppy breath, puppy antler chews, dog beds and much more!

A puppy is part of the family and we can help you find everything you need to keep your puppy happy and healthy.

Roses Bloom Best with Late Winter Care

Roses Bloom Best with Late Winter Care

Roses perform better and bloom earlier with increased vigor, when they receive care in February.  Many rose lovers look for Presidents Day (February 20th) as the time to begin pruning their rose bushes.  Roses should be lowered in height, thinned and have the deadwood removed at this time.  The bushes can be mulched and rose systemic applied, if desired.  These steps will help give your roses a good start to the new growing season.  Burns Feed Store carries the items necessary to provide your roses with this late winter care.  We have several kinds of mulch, rose systemic, gloves, rubber boots, pruning gear and many other rose care products available.  Our specialist at Burns Feed can assist you in selecting the products you need to grow beautiful roses through-out the year.